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12/28/18 | 8:05AM
Verizon Installed a Mini Cell Tower in my residential neighborhood

Real Verizon horror story: Verizon installed a " Mini Cell Phone Tower" on the roof of the Senior Living apartment building across the street from my house, in my residential suburban neighborhood. The local people protested to the Township Planning Board that research shows that these cell phone towers can cause brain cancer because of the Radio Frequency Radiation. Planning Board didn't believe it. Verizon denied it. The owner of the Senior Living apartment building wanted the money for renting the roof for the cell phone tower. About a year later, the Executive Director of the Senior Living facility where the cell tower was installed, developed brain cancer. Yes, it was she who wanted the Verizon Cell Tower, and didn't care about the neighborhood objections. And it was she who got the brain cancer. Be careful about what you wish for. But I HATE Verizon. I have a " flat rate land line plan " that is supposed to cost $ 29/month, and the fees bring the bill to $62/month. You can't win in a fight against Verizon. There is no competition if you need that landline. I try to fight the bill, every single month. And every single month they find a new fee to pump up the bill, specifically that Verizon Long Distance Shortfall Charge. They charge me $14.00 extra every month for not making enough Long Distance Phone Calls. I figured out that I would need to make about 100 long distance calls every month, in order not to be charged for the Long Distance Shortfall. I do also have the Long Distance Flat Rate Plan for $9/month, which implies that you are paying a Flat Rate for Long Distance Calls. But NO. Verizon says that you need to make a certain number of calls every month, even on the Flat Rate Plan, in order not to pay the Long Distance Shortfall Fee of $14.00 every month. As mentioned, I calculated that I would need to make 100 long distance calls every month in order to qualify to have made enough long distance calls, not to pay the $14.00 Shortfall penalty. I HATE VERIZON. Why is the Federal Government not regulating this company? Verizon SUCKS. AND THERE IS NO COMPETITION IF YOU NEED A LANDLINE, LIKE I DO. I wonder how many people in the local neighborhood will get brain cancer from the Cell Phone Tower across the street from our houses. I HATE VERIZON. Its a blight. A curse. A plague.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4B43DD

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01/21/19 | 20:18PM
the power companies are pushing 5g meter readers that phone home 24/7 and have exploded holes in brick houses and emit more radiation. Gubmint doesnt care they are getting paid. But we\'re free though.....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C1546F

04/30/19 | 3:48AM
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kristitb1 - Verizon H8er ID: FF8204

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