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02/17/19 | 7:18AM
Didn't give a s**t that my girlfriend was a 10 year customer!!

My girlfriend was with this rip off company for 10 years.She was always talking about how she had not had any trouble with Verizon and we needed to consolidate bills.I was with another carrier and after som time,I agreed to join her on her account at Verizon.Boy!!!! That was a mistake!!!!! We went on 2/09/2019 to a local Verizon store to get her a new phone and add me to her plan.The entire experience was a complete disaster from the start.For starters,the rep screwed up the porting of my number to Verizon.Next they charged her twice the price for the new phones and then tried to tell her she would see a bunch of fantasy "credits" on her bill for the next 2 years to offset the cost of the phones.That was a load of bs,the phones would actually cost more at the end of the 2 years even with the bs "credits".Next,Verizon could never tell us what the bill would cost per month.We had the 8gb shared plan and with the device payments,taxes,plan price,etc.it was supposed to be $150.per month.At the store it went to $175.per month which was concerning after being told by Verizon it would be $150.When we returned home,we got Verizon customer service on the phone and the bill went to $200.We continued to call Verizon off and on for the next week and the final monthly cost we were quoted was $251.69.Hell No!!!! I will not pay $251.69 for an 8gb plan when unlimited is cheaper than that everywhere!!!! We realized that the first couple of bills were higher because of pro rated plan costs and partial monthly service but what we were wanting to know is that after the first couple of months,what was the bill going to be?? It turns out it will be $251.69!!!! No thank you!!!! She kept reminding them that she had been there for 10 years and they didn't seem to care and they didn't seem to care that they were charging her way too much for the plan and service we had.Notice i said had.because after a week of this,i ported my number back to my old carrier and she joined me and closed her 10 year Verizon account and returned the phones back to Verizon.When she returned the phones,the store reps tried to send us out of the store with only 1 phone being returned in the system.The receipt they gave us for the returned phones only showed 1 being returned.When i brought this to their attention,their whole demeanor changed.They fixed it and returned second phone in the system but they were very rude as compared to when we first got there.I informed the reps i would call the police if needed but i was not leaving the damn store without return receipts for both phones.They changed their bad attitudes and returned both phones in the system and gave us the requested receipts for the phones.We were there for over 2 hours to do the returns.We expected that,given the way we had been treated the week prior but we were not leaving until we had the phones returned in the system and the receipts to prove it.As i said earlier,we ported out to my old carrier before we returned the Verizon phones,that really seemed to irritate the store reps we dealt with but i didn't care!! I had had enough!!!! And i let it be known that i had had enough!! We have the exact same phones with our current carrier that we had with Verizon for a lot less.The devices were half the cost and the bill is two-thirds less than the $251.69 we were last quoted by Verizon.So it all worked out.We got rid of this turd company and saved money in the process all while still getting the devices we wanted.Never again!!!! If this the the way they treat 10 year customers,i will never consider them again!!!! Lesson learned!!!! Class dismissed!!!!

Binudist - Verizon H8er ID: 2387F9

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02/23/19 | 22:59PM
Pretty standard really. Welcome to the party bro!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 25F317

05/09/19 | 14:53PM
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vondabe18 - Verizon H8er ID: 127278

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