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03/13/19 | 17:31PM
Custemer service

I'm not a Verizon custermer but I have Verizon phones so when 2 of my phones were having a fight I called VZW custermer service. I had to jump around to find the place for phone repairs and when I got in contact with a person they couldn't hear me. So I had to turn speakerphone on and put the phone really close to my mouth. Then Verizon told me that Samsung could help so I got transfered to Samsung and then they transfered me to Tracfone even though that 1. The phones fighting were a Samsung and a Nokia and 2. They told me they were going to transfer me to Motorola. I could not get to a person in Tracfone so I hung up. I called Verizon AGAIN a few minutes later and then I remember I chose a diffrent place and the guy was aculley helping me then my sister then had to tell my mom even though she prommesed not to and the call ended. I'm still trying to get the problem resolved.

Jenney - Verizon H8er ID: 8E7B83

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03/31/19 | 11:24AM
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Edwardcease - Verizon H8er ID: 0223C1

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