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03/28/19 | 13:14PM
Free Tablet!!! Only $35/month FU

Went to "authorized" (which translate to, it's yours Verizon and fuck you)...to buy a new phone. Previous one stopped working. Fine, owned it for a few years, liked it, I'll buy a new one. Shit does break. So go to Kiosk (authorized kiosk) to get PHONE. The only reason I went there. Get there at 11am, the minute they open. I pick out a phone in oh...let's give them the benefit of the doubt....5 minutes. Kid proceeds to begin the transfer of information etc. He's struggling. No problem I say...I'll take a 20-30 min Mall walk, check out the place. Come back, he's still struggling. I work retail. I get it. Sometimes shit doesn't work. No problem. I am not a hassling type. I take another 30-40 min walk. Come back. Nope. Still struggling. Not a problem dude. It's Sunday, I'd certainly rather be anywhere else but the mall, but no way I am taking it out on him, he'd probably like to be elsewhere too. So, this takes hours. I start signing for what I thought was....the phone...the reason I was there. He tells me we can upgrade our hotspot for no additional monthly etc. Fine, I am good with that. He proceeds. Anyway, 11am has turned into all fucking day. No lie. I have the time data stamps to prove it. I see that the first, THE FIRST, call I place from new phone is 4:11 pm. 5 fucking hours after arriving. It's as I exit mall, or get into car, whatever, it's just as I leave to explain the ridiculousness of the visit to my wife. Ok, long story shortened. Nearing the end of the day, the kid tells me they are "giving away" "promotional" ZenPads. "Nope dude, don't want it." Just came for the phone, don't want more tech to fill the house. "It's free, maybe the kids will use it" So I ask, repeatedly...."there is no monthly fee?" "Nope"..."No contract?" "I'm not going to see a charge on my bill for this thing?" "No, you don't have to sign for it, they are just add on's they are giving out, they have tons of them."

What I did not realize was this fucking dick of a person, no doubt created that way from Verizon incentive to funnel money down their fucking throats, scammed me. How'd he do it? He had me sign the contract for that fucking ZenPad first! So the date stamp for the day shows that I signed for a fucking pad first. How is that possible? I came for the phone. I never wanted the pad & he didn't push it on my until end of the day, when he could add...."You don't have to sign for anything." NO SHIT, BECAUSE I ALREADY SIGNED FOR IT HOURS AGO!.

So, and fuck me, yes, I am an idiot and went on living my life since I trusted this fucking dick, didn't read over the monthly bill because, well, you need a law degree to understand the charges & changes, and, for 8 months, I was being charged about $35/month. So not only was I being charged for a monthly service for this thing, the fucking asshole signed me up to BUY the fucking thing that I never wanted. A double fuck you if I ever felt one.

My next mistake...calling CUSTOMER SERVICE. "Well, you signed the contract" "YES, I SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR A PHONE NOT FOR THIS!"

This ain't over. Fucking thieves.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 31622D

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04/03/19 | 19:18PM
Dude don\'t give up the battle against them. Go back to the store if you can and complain, loudly, and repeat yourself over and over until they fix it. Of course, they won\'t because they can\'t. See, Verizon has cleverly removed all power from most levels of their employees. Do you think the manager of that store can change your bill or refund you? he can\'t. how about the district manager? also a no go. Because they know that if a customer complains, if the manager can\'t do anything then they will win. The guy above him? yeah, they removed his power too so there really is no option for the customer but to accept defeat.

Don\'t fall for this BS. Berate the manager, loudly in front of other customers. Be loud enough and repeat yourself clearly. Let everyone present know of how they screwed you, and let everyone listen in as the manager essentially tells you there is nothing he can do. that will turn customers away on the spot, and it probably the best way to get a little revenge.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F452FC

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