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Verizon Sucks!!!

I have never met a Verizon customer who has not had a negative experience when dealing with this company. From unexplainable charges on their bill to service reps who flat out lie just to get the customer off the phone. Their practices are so horrid they can only be described one way :VerizaRape. What was surprising to me was how few non-Verizon customers knew about these practices. That is why I created this site, to give current\late Verizon customers an outlet for voicing their experiences with Verizon and to educate non-Verizon customers before they become victims of VerizaRape as well.

I know what many of you non-Verizon customers are thinking... "It can't be that bad, this is just one nut who is blowing things way out of proportion." Ok, You don't have to take my word for for it :

Just look at all the postings on my3cents.com .

Or Epinions.com ,

Still not Convinced? You can Google the phrase Verizon Bad Customer Service and see what comes up.

Don't like Google? Try Bing, Yahoo or AskJeeves.com . It's all the same.


This site will serve as a record of these offences and give you, the reader a chance to judge just how bad there are. If you have a Verizon Horror Story, please tell us about it, and see how it stacks up against other Verizon atrocities.


I would like to thank Marcus at VerizonPathetic.com , Marcus has been fighting this fight for some time. His site has a wealth of information ranging from  "How to avoid early termination fees" to the alleged email address of Verizon's CEO. Marcus has also provided me with the initial set of stories to get this site going. 


Thank you,




12/19/16 - The CAPTCHA is back.... (I have implemented reCaptcha v2)

04/23/13 - Added Social Sharing links to View Story Pages

04/10/13 - More Anti-Spam Logic. -I am again VERY happy with the performance of my Spam filter, So I am removed the CAPTCHA.... (for now at least)

10/18/12 - Even More Anti-Spam Logic. (Realizing the pains of a home grown anti-Spam Solution)

09/24/12 - More Anti-Spam Logic.

09/05/12 - I added rel="nofollow" to all the signature links, again in an effort to prevent spam. If you want me to remove this for a particular link please Email Me.

12/22/11 - Misc changes for an improved experience on mobile devices.

07/11/11 - I added a Google+ Button, Minor Changes for SEO.

06/27/11 - The CAPTCHA is back....

06/26/11 - I am VERY happy with the performance of my Spam filter, So I am removed the CAPTCHA.... (for now at least)

06/13/11 - I implemented a Crude Spam filter. If you Post something that "looks" like Spam, It won't show up until I review it and mark it as not spam. I will be continually adjusting my algorithm for more accuracy.

06/07/11 - WebProNews asks "Is Verizon Customer Service The Worst Thing Ever?"

"...Do you know how many sites there are devoted to the fact that Verizon customer service sucks? The answer is quite a few. The most popular seems to be VerizaRape.com.."

06/01/11 - I Implemented a new CAPTCHA... Hopefully that solves my Spam Problem.

06/01/11 - My Twitter Account was cancelled some time ago for "Abuse".. I'm will not be creating another one.

01/11/11 - I Reworked my Twitter App for better Tweet Targeting, (My Twitter account got suspended, Hopeful this will limit complaints) .

12/05/10 - All URLs entered in stories and replies will be automatically turned into a link.

12/03/10 - Lots of changes to make the site more user friendly, I am now allowing a Link in Signatures.

10/31/10 - At the request of an Ex-Verizon Employee I added a Facebook Like Button.

09/02/10 - I had to reworked my Twitter App to use oAuth (Stupid Twitter enhanced security).

05/03/10 - The Experience Effect: Engage Your Customers with a Consistent and Memorable Brand Experience (Pg. 125)Amazon.com

"...Entire advocacy groups have formed around sharing the disappointing experiences with Verizon. Check out HateVerizon.org..."

04/12/10 - Verizon Sucks! (I registered VerizonSucks.us.)

04/02/10 - More SEO, I've been doing a lot of this lately. Site Traffic is up about 150% from this time last year. I expect Site Traffic to continue to rise at this pace for the next few months at least.

02/25/10 - Now you can Receive updates via Email

02/25/10 - Now you can Follow us on Twitter!

02/24/10 - I have implemented a Verizon H8er ID Feature, when you post a New Story or a reply you will be assigned an ID, For that Story/Reply Thread. Again this is done for the ease of conversation. ALL POSTS ON THIS SITE ARE STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. There is NO WAY to trace this ID Back to you.

02/23/10 - Misc. changes to encourage replies to posts, including adding a "Name" to all posts and replies, This will make it easier to keep track of the "back and forth" that sometimes occurs in the reply section.

01/07/09 - I have implemented a crude banning system, to ban certain people from posting, to be used at my discretion. If you feel you have been unfairly banned please feel free to email me at Dave@VerizaRape.com

09/18/08 - Verizon SucksSux!!! (I registered VerizonSux.com.)

06/11/08 - I hate Verizon more than Ever!!! (I registered HateVerizon.com.)

02/26/08 - I added the ability to Reply to posts. Hopeful this will keep the post on the board focus on stories, Instead of replies. This should put an end to the "Message Forum" feel that has been around lately.

02/22/08 - I Still hate Verizon so much!!! (I registered HateVerizon.net.)

02/15/08 - I have implemented one those CAPTCHA Thingy's, to help prevent Spam on the board. Sorry for the annoyance.

07/01/07 - Club Insider News (Full Artical)

"...A game the customer always loses. See www.hateverizon.org.."

06/25/07 - Harvard Business Review (Full Artical) & Business Day Management Review (Full Artical) :

"...company-specific hate sites (www.hateverizon.org is a typical example), generates untold amounts of bad publicity."

08/09/06 - I hate Verizon so much!!! (I registered HateVerizon.org.)

08/04/06 - Some one Emailed me Asking if they could print the VerizaRape Logo on a Shirt, Of course I said yes. So set up Spread-shirt Store just in case anyone else wants to do the same. I make NO money on any of this stuff, it is all listed at cost.

08/02/06 - I have Created an RSS feed for the stories so you can keep updated Via your favorite Newsreader.


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